Friday, 29 April 2016

Intuitive Painting = Arty Fun

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa Here with a Mixed Media Friday Update.
This time last week I was retreating at a beautiful lake front venue
 with a magical Queenslander style verandah which ,we used to create arty inspiration upon.
Whilst there I had the pleasure to play and create alongside some super dooper creative souls,share their table space and be inspired by their creative knowledge and their pieces of arty goodness.
Sharing the table with Kim Price,Peg Hewitt,Maxine Allen and Jen Hall makes for an amazingly inspiring environment,and what better to play together and share the creative process with each other , by all painting/drawing/creating with prompts thrown around the table, primarily by Kim,but in the end everyone was prompting.Whats better,is the fact that we would do a few elements 
and then pass it on to the next person.. no falling in love with it,
just listening to the prompt and add elements and lost of different mixed media.
Soooooo much fun, and look at this cool piece below that started and finished with me.It went around the table twice and I freaking love the end result(yeah i know -it doesn't matter about the end result , just the process. but hey , this piece is cooooooool;!!!!)
Pumped and Inspired by the process used I took time to play yesterday and create using the same similar technique. Plus I had a willing arty buddy to swap and create with.
I started with a double page within my journal that already had a few swirly colour blasted stencil marks and a splash of Dylusions Acrylic colour.
I then just added different visual elements ,like circles,lines,dots,words,scribbles etc,
using paint, pastels,crayons, pencils,paint pens,house paint,paper scraps
 with fingers, sticks,folks, skewers and these rad paint brushes.
Every few elements I swapped with my arty buddy and added more details.
The mantra for this process is a "Don't think, Just Do"
There are no rules *except when you start to make mud stop and find another space to work on.
Its always good to have your heat tool with you to avoid mixing mud. :)
Adding white and black to you page will create amazing contrast and drama.
 Adding a few more elements here with a little Dina Wakley Paint and Liquidtex and Posca Pens 

One could work the piece in so many different ways ,
 its all about layering and having fun with your products ..
Here is my table buddies piece,Paul has a Dylusions album and
 sometimes he struggles for ideas to starts.
 This was a great exercise to help him loosen up and go with the flow
(being a draftman and creating with set ideas, measurements 
and details, this is sometimes hard for him to let go ,with random creativity)
Love his finished piece. :)
If you would like to extend your knowledge on Intuitive painting  ,
 Such a cool book to have in your inspiration library.
This excerpt from her amazing book Brave Intuitive Painting ,
will help prompt your creative flow. So definitely give it a go .

I hope you are inspired to create and play with these ideas .
I'd love to see where your Mojo takes you .

Big Thanks for dropping by , See you next week. :) 

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  1. Loved last weekend and the art it inspired! Thanks for sharing the Flora Bowley book.