Monday, 18 April 2016

Heidi Swapp Lightbox fun..

Hi Lauren here...

Well Heidi Swapp has done it again. All of her lighting range is amazing but I have to say 'her lightbox takes the cake'.

This is no ordinary lightbox with just one font to use and only operates on AC cord..
The Heidi Swapp light box has different fonts and colours, it has small letters and large, it has shapes and icons and another cool feature is to power it you can use batteries or... get this USB cable.
Yes you heard it. You can plug this baby into your phone charger.. ha #loveit!!

This has become a lovely interactive feature in my home.
The kids love playing with it and making their own signs. My 16yr old even put his dinner order in on it one night.. #cheeky.


  1. Love them, only wish I hada space in my home to put one!!! Love the dinner order

  2. Oh it's sooooo gorgeous :)
    PS. Love the dinner order in it!! haha

  3. Lauren gorgeous the Lightbox range is amazing so versatile and creative your display photography is brilliant 💛

  4. Love love love your styling and of course HS light box yes the dinner order is a cute idea lol