Thursday, 10 December 2015

Planner Playtime!

Hey hey hey!

How are you? Been busy? Its been a little chaotic here, school is winding up and it feels like there are a million activities on the go at the moment! So thankful for my MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planner! Isn't she pretty?

I have to say this right now - Kylie has a major sale on these gorgeous planners at the moment - cheaper than anywhere else that I have seen! So if you are looking for a diary/planner for 2016, get in quick!

I have to say, I love love love that you can remove the pages from these planners! This is a must of you are wanting freedom to decorate, as you then don't need to work around the spine or centre as with most planners. The paper is incredible good quality and I have had a chance to play with some stamps, which I will share in some up-coming posts :) MAMBI have also created some extension packs for the planners, including the Household Extension Page pack, which includes a section for To-Do Lists, Meal Planners, House Cleaning Schedules and Budgets.

There are an incredible amount of accessories available for these planners - MAMBI has really considered the needs of those that need to pretty up their planners. Even if you aren't into
pretty-ing and decorating, the layout in these is perfect for day-to-day planning, with enough space to add in the families activities too!

The links below will lead you to exactly what you need to find in the store - but don't stop there! Have a look and treat yourself!

Do you get creative in your Planner? Do you want to? Leave me some questions in the comments box and I will get back to you! Feel free to share your blog links so I can check out your planner too!


  1. Love the planner trend and can't wait to see how you use yours. Question? how far ahead do you plan pages?

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