Friday, 26 August 2016

Celebrating Friendship - by Lisa Oxley

Howdy Folks ,Lisa here.
I'm a few hours late with this blog post ,grrrr to the ADSL/NBN change over.
but I'm here and online again,a new phone as well -technology- come at me .
This piece today I am sharing with you is a celebration of friendship and connection made through this fabulous craft and spending time with people you totally get and relate too.
"Oh Peg, You know how much I love spending time with you.x"
This piece is created by water misting the page,always Bazzill Marshmellow ,and using either powdered coloured dusts or like me with the unscrewed lid of the Dylusions Ink Spray bottle ,where, one flicks random colours over a water misted page,and lets the colours mix.
*Drying time 
 * next I attack the page with a fude ball pen, and pen some journaling to my creative muse.
Lets  Talk about Journaling right now.....
One Must have the essentials 
who is in the photo?
what is happening in the photo?
when was the photo taken?
where was this photo taken?
Then ,if you really want to give ,to those who actually take time to look at your pieces, add some heartfelt language and a slice of your own character by using colloquialisms ,and language usinque to you.... oh Journaling , it seems like a dying Art.
Big love to Peg and Ruby and all the other journalists for their love of the written word and for sharing the story with words as well as pictures.
*Back to the layout ... some doodling and stamping ,
 then a little Colour Blast white coloured textured paste,more drying time ..
and while I'm waiting its a simple blocking of my photo and added journaling on the the journal card then finding a few embellies ,thickers and trinkets to add to the end look and this baby is finished.
Thanks for dropping by , See you next week
Lisa xx


  1. Such a colourful and arty layout, love it Lisa. Great photo too!

  2. Big love, you totally rock! Go the story!