Friday, 11 March 2016

Lets Face it By Lisa Oxley

Good morning mixed media lovers, Lisa Here with a weekly Friday update .
Lets face it, Drawing faces is not so easy if you are new to drawing and
 painting them in, with appropriate shading ,that takes time to learn. 
If drawing simple faces is something you want to do?
Today is the day you should start playing and sketching.
Some people seem born naturals Artists, but if your like me and had that preconceived idea that I couldn't then draw faces then practice is your best friend.
I started playing around with faces about 3 years ago, when I attended a weekend workshop with Paula MacMillan Perich at Norah Head Lighthouse.On and off over the years I played around , but in the last year,after partaking in Lifebook Online, I have taken to sketching more and being more confident in what I produce.
I think its also important to acknowledge that there are I sooooo many ways to draw faces, so whatever you create is absolutely fine, and everyone's' journey and abilities are at different stages .
 Id like to share a few of my favorite artist to show you the diversity of work  .

 Now you've seen how the professionals do it,I';m going to share how I put a face together.
Like the amazing ladies above will testify , its all about the layering of mediums that create a face that has a little depth and character.
Lately I have been painting colourful faces instead of traditional skin tones.
I like to draw onto a creative background, which already has colour and interest points.
I draw a basic face shape,use Dylusions paints
and a square flat brush to apply the layers .

 Now its all about waiting for drying time and reapplying.
If this is your first time drawing faces, take time to find a few how to videos and pictures online and copy what you see. this is how you learn, look at the picture, the dark and light. be brave , its amazing what you can achieve,just by giving it a go.
I use Dylusion and Dina Wakley Acrylic paints when painting in my face and
 I like to detail with Uniball Posca Paint Pens and Prismacolur Pencils
I finish with a little journaling around my Art to complete this double page spread
I hope your inspired to give drawing faces a go.
Feel free to share your faces on the Scrapping Clearly FB page 
and Tag me so I can check it out.
See you next Friday.

Lisa xx