Friday, 7 July 2017

Smells like Teen Spirit . - A Circle Art Journal Swap

Howdy Folks , Lisa here with a Friday Mixed media update .
I've been a bit slack at keeping up with the last of the SC Circle Journal swaps journals.
But Today I can happily say that I only have one left to do and 
Ill be handing yours back to you next month Bec and that will complete the whole group..
I'm lucky enough to have mine already,but these 2 journals just have just been playing with me somewhat .. when I get a journal in my hands , I need time to ponder over the theme and then to think about the page and what I want to do with it . I really want to connect to the theme and relate to what the sender is trying to get from those in the circle . its not just about slapping stuff down , its about thinking and putting my love and heart into the work.
 I found this old  Who Magazine (circa 1994 ),while clearing stuff recently ,
 and the hoarder in me couldn't throw it out..
 Stoked I didn't, as I had an epiphany and let loose on this baby .
 I attempted to make a Kurt Cobain Stencil, which worked out ... sort of ok ,
 but I felt it didn't define him enough,and it was a little to big for the page,so that idea got ditched.
I do love making my own hand cut stencils, as they are super easy to make ,especially when you use the rad Crafters Workshop Stencil Blanks that come in a 3 pack. I just trace my image and cut out the elements with a sharp craft knife . so easy .
Back to the drawing board.
I made up another piece of folded cardstock  and adhered that to the journal , to add extra room for me to work on and to allow space for the CD to go into the journal.... you cant have a Circle Journal about music go around and NOT have some music to play with it .. 
I do consider music to be one  of the most amazing forms of inspiration for creative flow .
I started with a simple Brickwork stencil patterned background and then , 
using the FINELINER Masking Fluid I scratched in "Smells like Teen Spirit ".
After it was completely dry , I covered the whole written area ,
 with black paint and  again allowed the paint to dry completely .
 Then , using my finger I rubbed over the words and removed the masking fluid ,
leaving the words the exposed and revealing the painted background underneath. Such a cool result .
I then added to the background and title with a little Posca detail, a couple of stickers,
 stamping and some extra doodling....

Within the Journal , I have included a Cd from my band of choice and in laid the actually cd and booklet from the CD into a pocket , with the left overs ,
 I cut them to add interest and extra detail to my piece.
This is what it ended up like . I am very much hoping that Rachel
will think that this was worth the wait .

Do you have a favorite song ?, Is it even possible to pick just one ?
Or have you joined in on a circle swap before ..?
they are so much fun to participate in..
 Apologies again to those 2 remaining ladies waiting ..
 lucky they love me ,otherwise , I would be in strife . hahahaahaaa.
Posting this baby today ..
Ill be back next week with a little more mixed media inspiration.
Thanks for dropping by .

Lisa xx

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  1. I am so honoured to be receiving this incredible, heart-felt piece. Thank you Lisa x