Tuesday, 10 February 2015



Items from the Wanderlust Collection are slowly arriving into the store...... due to the Port strike in California only some items have arrived.

Scrappingclearly will be filling ALL PRE ORDERS first.

Scrappinclearly does not advertise ANY Stock as in store unless it is actually on the shelf 
ready to be shipped.


Everyone is excited with the Metallic Foil Applicator....

 Scrappinclearly will be ordering the Australian version of the MINC.

 The overseas model is available and can be used with a transformer and adapter for use in Australia but the wholesaler as advised that the warranty  WILL BE VOIDED if used with these items .
Because of this and the cost of the MINC machine we will be stocking the Australian Version only. 

 Scrappingclearly will be PRE ORDERING these will be available in May!!!


Excited to share that Marquee Love is only days away - shipping notice arrived yesterday so by the end of the week we should be packing all PRE ORDERS.......

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